DORK 17.64 APK

*NEW* Dork 17.64 APK

What is it?
-It is a Kodi Krypton 17.6 Fork with Durex Wizard included
-It is for Android Devices only such as Fire Stick/TV, Nvidia Shield, etc.
-Easier install of the Durex Build
-Be able to have Kodi and Dork for two versions of Kodi on your device

Search for ‘FireDL’ in Google Playstore or App Store on your device
Download and open FireDL
In FireDL, type in code: 245180 or 652784
Select ‘Download’
Once downloaded you will be prompted to install Dork
Once Dork installed select ‘OPEN’ or go to app menu for device and open
In Dork, select ‘Build Menu’ on wizard pop up or ‘INSTALL’ on menu bar
Select ‘Durex Build for Kodi Krypton 17.x’
Select ‘Fresh Install’
Follow Prompts
Select ‘Force Close’ after install and you will exit out of Dork
Open Dork and let sit for a few minutes to allow addons to update


KODIAPPS is a website and app for your android or IOS (apple) phone. I highly recommend this website and app because of the loads of information it has. It has a list of the top trending Kodi add-ons and even builds (mine is currently #12 or something) but I could care less. I usually use this app to update Durex Build because it gives me a start of what add-ons to try out and see if they are worth adding to the build. It also has information on trending TV Shows and Movies and I’m sure this “KODI companion” will be your best friend and help you in your Kodi experience.

For mobile phones search “KODIAPPS” in the App Store to download this app.

Check out their website also at: